My name is Mrs. Queen Soheir, I’m a Professional Personal Stylist and the founder of the online boutique FemCODES.com. I have been featured in large publications such as NBC, CBS, FOX, Daily Herald, The CW, and many more…

This is the official blog of my Lingerie, Loungewear & Shapewear Online Boutique.

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15 Easy Style Tips To Always Look Feminine & Classy In Lounge Wear

What a time to be alive! With this global pandemic, dressing to go to work has almost totally vanished. If you’ve been wondering how to look classy AND feel comfortable in your loungewear, this is the article for you.

How to infuse sensuality in your life

Sensual isn’t much of a word you hear every day. It tends to get rapidly confused with erotism or sexuality. And though they are linked, they are very different from one another. Sensuality is a lifestyle…

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